10 Ways to Develop Your Personal Style


Trust Your Instincts

Don’t go for the trendy; go for the comfortable. Wear what works for you.
Don’t go for the trendy; go for the comfortable. Wear what works for you.
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No matter what the hottest designers, celebrities and stylists are saying on the pages of the fashion magazines, ultimately the only person you have to please is yourself. Buying an article of clothing that you hate just because it's trendy is never a good idea. It's going to hang idly in your closet until you finally decide to throw it out or give it away.

Similarly, don't give in to pushy salespeople who are trying to convince you that they know what looks best on you. If don't like what you see in the dressing room mirror, you won't like that outfit any better once you get it home. Thank the salesperson for his or her time, and make your exit.

At the same time, if your instincts are telling you to put on the same ratty sweat suit you've been wearing for ten years, that's the time to ignore them. Turn to the people you trust to help you weed out items in your wardrobe that didn't showcase your best judgment.

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