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Makeup Artist, Kristofer Buckle has worked with countless celebrities and magazines. Now he brings his expertise to Cover Shot and offers these smart ideas for looking your best. Get started on the next page with the key to a good mascara application.


The key to good mascara application is to go as close to the root of the lash as possible. A common mistake is to apply a lot at the ends of the lashes while ignoring the roots. This leads to the lash being lighter near the eye, which looks unbalanced and does not emphasize the eye itself, which is the goal.


False Eyelashes: 

While they may not be for everyone, false eyelashes are great for special occasions. They are fairly easy to use (especially with a little practice), and can greatly emphasize the eyes. They can range from mild to wild. Keep in mind that false lashes don’t have to be dramatic; they can be used to fill out a regular lash. The difference simply having a fuller lash can make is strong but subtle. 


Keeping eyebrows neat is very important to opening up the eye area, as it makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Little stray hairs cause shadows and darken the eye area, so it is important to keep them tweezed. Shape the eyebrow so it does not angle down too much at the end. Tweezing them up on the end if they angle down keeps the eyes brighter. 

Only shape the brow from the bottom of the brow, not the top. If there are stray hairs on the top, take care of those, but don’t try shaping the eyebrow from the top. And above all else, go slow. If in doubt about whether or not to tweeze more, stop! Take a break. Come back to it later. Don’t overdo it. Over-tweezed eyebrows are not good, and they might not grow back.


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