Face Makeup

Face makeup can enhance your features if applied properly. Get tips and information on face makeup.


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Loose Powder vs. Pressed: Which is best for me?

No matter how long we've been using makeup, the issue of how to use powder still eludes many of us. Here are some tips on when and how to use loose and pressed face powder.

5 Makeup Tools You Can Skip

At one point or another, most of us have fallen prey to the hard sell by a makeup salesperson. So you don't get burned again, here's a list of five makeup tools you really don't need.

What should I look for in an all-in-one makeup compact?

If you're even just kind of into makeup, then you have an arsenal in your makeup bag. But you don't have to carry it all with you all the time.

Guide to Matte Lipstick

Matte color is chic, elegant and long-lasting. But to sport a look that's polished and comfortable, you'll need to remember one important thing: With matte, lip prep is not optional.

5 Makeup Splurges that Are Worth It

You hold the high-end makeup in one hand and the store-brand makeup in the other. Is it really worth it to spend more money on certain types of makeup?

When to Use Light Reflecting Makeup

When you compare light reflecting makeup to conventional makeup, it's like using clever camouflage instead of a blanket to conceal less than perfect skin.

Guide to Makeup Applicators

In the wide world of makeup tools, applicators -- those differently shaped sponges and puffs -- typically play second fiddle to brushes. So what would your face need a spongy wedge for? A few things, actually.

Powder vs. Liquid Makeup

Let's face it. The idea of applying makeup can be scary, and lots of women pass on foundation because of it. But we'll break it down.

How to Use Different Types of Makeup Brushes

The trick to a fresh face and flawless complexion may be a good night's sleep and a healthy diet, but plan B is often 21st-century artistry in the form of a little ingeniously applied makeup. Enter the makeup brush.

The 10 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Is your mascara clumpy? Is your neck a different color than your foundation-slathered face? Make sure you aren't committing these makeup crimes.

Long-lasting Lipsticks: Do they really last?

We've all seen the commercials: gorgeous women with perfect red lips maintaining their flawless lipstick all day. Are the advertising claims for long-lasting lipstick really true?

How to Use Metallic Finish Makeup

After Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson sported metallic gold eye shadow on the red carpet, everyone wanted to wear the stuff. How's it done?

5 Must-have Tools for Your Makeup Kit

You've got all the right blush, lipstick and mascara. Now we'll tell you the five must-have tools to fill out the ultimate makeup kit.

How to Blend Your Makeup Flawlessly

If you've been operating under the assumption that your face is finished as soon as you've applied all of your cosmetics, we're sorry to tell you there's a bit more work to do. Here's how to blend your makeup and make it all work together.

5 Easy Ways to Coordinate Makeup Colors

Makeup can enhance your natural beauty or conceal flaws -- if you use it in the right way. But how can you sort between innumerable shades and hues to find a look that works for you?

Chiseled Cheeks and Color: Secrets of the '80s Makeup Look

The '80s were so bright, you had to wear shades. But if you're going for a retro look using the styles of this decade, make sure your sunglasses aren't so big that they cover your face -- then no one would be able to see your makeup!

5 Most Essential Elements in Mineral Makeup

You've seen all the commercials for mineral makeup and think the results look great. But exactly what minerals are in those powders and foundations anyway?

How to Highlight Your Cheekbones

Some women are blessed with prominent cheekbones that define the face. But the rest of us need some help. Before you cut your face up for implants, try some makeup tricks first.

Top 5 Spring Makeup Trends

Makeup trends come and go about as often as fashion trends do, and springtime is no exception. We've got five spring makeup trends to have you feeling fashion forward in no time.

How to Choose Quality Makeup Brushes

You're the one all your friends turn to for cosmetic advice. But even if you can spot a single bottle of quality eye shadow in a bargain bin full inferior products, you still might not be aware how much a quality brush can improve your overall look.

Using Makeup to Conceal Birthmarks

There are ways to hide any number of skin imperfections. We'll tell you the best way to cover birthmarks using concealer.

How to Look Flawless With Very Little Makeup

How can you get the look of flawless face without piling on the products? We'll show you.

5 Makeup Tips for Professional Women

Bold or natural makeup on the weekends is fine, but for the workday, you need something in between: subtle, but still there. But how do you apply a face fit for a pro -- and keep it there for 8 hours?

5 Makeup Tips for a Night Out

If you're not a cosmetics expert, it's sometimes tough to know how to apply makeup for a night on the town. Here are five subtle tips for evening makeup that will work for just about anyone.

I'm Melting: Summer Makeup Tips

Makeup melting in the summer heat? Fear not: Switching up your makeup routine for the summer months can be not only aesthetically rewarding, but also a renewing experience you come to appreciate.