10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Marilyn Monroe

Structure Your Look
Marilyn Monroe's key to looking great? Shapewear. A structured look on the outside starts with structure underneath.
Marilyn Monroe's key to looking great? Shapewear. A structured look on the outside starts with structure underneath.
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Marilyn's style may have looked effortless, but underneath all that glam was a carefully orchestrated wrestling match involving foundational garments and her Rubenesque figure. We know Marilyn wore girdles to help achieve her cinched waist and hourglass curves. In fact, some of the film legend's unmentionables were sold at auction in 2010, including a black nylon girdle.

We're not saying lung-crushing corsets should ever make a comeback, but in an era when Spanx-like support awaits us at nearly every retailer, we have no excuse for not looking a little like Marilyn. The structure and shape provided by a well-fitting foundation is nothing short of miraculous. And after all, isn't that Marilyn 's real legacy? The magic of celebrity can wave its glamorous wand over us all, if only through our wardrobe.

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