10 Accessories for Short Hair

Just because her hair is short, doesn't mean this bride can't accessorize it on her big day. See pictures of bridal hair accessories.

If you have short hair, you might think you need to bid adieu to hair accessories. After all, you can't sweep your hair up into kicky ponytails anymore, and that hip, messy side-bun thing definitely won't work with chin-length locks. But don't fret -- you might not be able to rock a dramatic updo (or might you?), but there are plenty of ways to have fun with short hair.

Just one warning before we start: Less is more. We think this is a good rule of thumb when you're facing any kind of fashion or hair conundrum, but it's especially true when you have short hair. A minimalist cut deserves carefully chosen additions. Do yourself a favor and refrain from plastering your pixie cut with a bunch of huge, bejeweled barrettes. But, just as with any rule, there certainly are exceptions -- a big flower, for example, can really pack a punch when dramatically placed in short hair.

Here, 10 ideas to help you dress up your short locks without defeating them. The key is to keep it simple.