What body type are you?

Female Body Types Explained

We have mixed feelings about body types. They suggest that it isn't OK to look just exactly the way you look right now. There does happen to be an ideal shape for the female form in Western culture, though. It's somewhat curvy with a definite waist indentation that has nearly equal proportions top and bottom. It's called an hourglass figure, and generally, fashion favors that basic shape more than any other. If your body isn't smaller at the waist and balanced at the bustline and hips, you may need a little assistance in creating the illusion of an hourglass to appear more balanced in the clothes you wear.

What follows is a list of basic female body shapes. Don't be too anxious if you're not perfect. Few of us are. During a lifetime, a woman's body shape can change, and body shape can be modified somewhat through exercise and diet, too.

  • Hourglass -- An hourglass figure is characterized by balanced bust and hip measurements and a well-defined waist. You can probably wear most styles well. If you have a large bustline, though, you may want to steer clear of turtleneck and other high-neck styles and very baggy clothes that may make you look heavier than you are.
  • Pear shaped -- A larger hip measurement than bust measurement, often with a less defined waist. Cheats: Wear lighter colors above the waist and darker colors below the waist (minimize with darks and maximize with lights). Stick with A-line skirt styles and jackets with a defined or belted waist.
  • Triangular -- A variation on the pear shape that also includes narrow shoulders. Cheats: Follow suggestions for the pear shape above and also choose blouses with collars and shirts and jackets with slightly padded shoulders.
  • Rectangular -- Balanced bust and hips with little or no waist definition. This shape can look either boxy or slender and boyish. Cheats: Create the illusion of curves by wearing fitted styles that taper or belt at the waist. If you have narrow shoulders and hips, look for waist length jackets or sweaters, and pair them with gathered skirts or flared slacks.
  • Apple, Oval or Diamond shaped -- Little waist definition, a rounded stomach that's either high or low on your frame, heavy thighs or wide hips (sometimes called saddlebags) and perhaps a pronounced bottom. Cheats: An apple shape can be hard to conceal. One strategy is to direct attention away from the stomach area to your face or another attractive feature (like your hands or legs). Jewelry, scarves and distinctive hair ornaments or hair styles sometimes work. It's good idea to choose like colors in blouses (shirts and jackets) and slacks or skirts for an overall, monochromatic look. You should also consider investing in quality foundation garments that help lift, support and define your shape.
  • Inverted triangle -- Unlike the ideal hourglass figure, an inverted triangular shape is smaller in the hips than through the bust and, usually, a nicely defined waistline. Your body can also give the impression of an inverted triangle if you have narrow hips and broad shoulders. Cheats: Opt for darker colors on top and lighter colors on the bottom. Flowing skirts and wide leg or flared slacks also help create more volume in the hip and leg area to create a balanced silhouette.

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