5 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Grown Children

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Online social networking is a great way to keep up with your adult child. 
Online social networking is a great way to keep up with your adult child. 

Thanks to Facebook and other social networking programs, many parents often know more about their adult children's lives now than they ever did when the child was living in the same house. By setting up a free profile on this popular online site, you can not only send messages and pictures to your kids, but also view their photos, videos and personal updates. Best of all, Facebook offers a glimpse into your child's everyday life, even if he or she is too busy to keep up with regular e-mails or phone calls. Simply logging in to check out what your child is up to each day may give you some peace of mind until the next time you can get him or her on the phone.

If you feel overwhelmed with this type of program, don't be afraid to ask your kids for help. Most will be willing to help you create your own profile, particularly if they prefer electronic communication to phone calls or visits. And of course, because the younger generation tends to be more technically savvy than their parents, your kids will know how to share their profiles with you while still maintaining some level of privacy.

Don't forget that many of the things you share on Facebook can be broadcast to all of your child's friends. Avoid embarrassing or personal topics, and try to limit comments to no more than once a day or so.