Easy Volunteer Activities for Kids

It's easy to volunteer with activities like Operation Clean Neighborhood.
It's easy to volunteer with activities like Operation Clean Neighborhood.
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With easy volunteer activities for kids, the responsible community members of tomorrow can get their start today. These easy activities will show kids how great it is to give back.

There are many groups that can benefit from kids' volunteer activities: senior citizens, the homeless, classmates and even entire neighborhoods. Helping kids help others will make you feel good, too.


Follow these links to start giving back to the community:

Magazine Match-Up

You might not want those old magazines anymore, but someone else does! Find out what you can do with them.

New Kid Comrade

Help a new kid in school in this easy activity for kids.

TV Program Tips

Make seniors' TV-watching choices easier with this volunteer activity.

Telephone Smiles

This easy activity spreads smiles through telephone chit chat. Learn more here.

Homeless Helpers

Box up essentials and help the homeless in this volunteer activity.

Colorful Collection Box

Create a catchy collection box to capture those donations.

Count Me In Nature Group

Kids create their own nature group and follow a cause in this activity. Keep reading to find out more.

Operation Clean Neighborhood

Say goodbye to neighborhood litter in this easy volunteer activity.

Stream of Consciousness

Streams need clean-up help too, and this kids' activity teaches them how to get involved. Keep reading to learn more.

Neighborhood Theme Walks

Take a tour of the neighborhood and follow different themes to enliven imaginations.

Beautify the Neighborhood

Make the neighborhood look better by planting flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Time Capsule

Pay your goodwill forward by making a time capsule in this activity.

In the first volunteer activity, get ready to lighten your load of glossy magazines.

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