10 Cool Father-Daughter Activities


Explore Nature

Yeah, we know -- the only free time your daughter seems to be able to spend with you is during the 15- to 30-second increments she has between texts. So turn off the TV, leave your tablet computers at home, put the smartphones away and explore a different environment. Take your daughter outdoors and teach her how to appreciate the beauty of nature. In doing so, you may find that spending time away from the hubbub of the rest of the family and all your gadgets can help you broach and talk about difficult subjects.

Go for a hike in the woods, spend time at a nature preserve or walk along your favorite beach. Teach your daughter how to identify trees or look for animals. If you need more structure, try the sport of orienteering, which can help teach your daughter map-reading and navigation skills, and is a sport you can do together as she grows older.