10 Family Bonding Activities


Work Up a Sweat

Today's parents can't hear it enough: Obesity is a major problem among children and adults. In fact, one-third of adults (that's 17 million people!) in the United States are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The childhood obesity epidemic has also gone through the roof, with more than 17 percent of kids in falling in the obese weight range. Fight this trend as a family by engaging in regular physical activity. No one's saying you have to purchase a bunch of leotards and muscle tees or set up a weight room in your basement. Simply take a few hours each week to have high-energy dance parties in your living room, walk or bike around the neighborhood, or hold relay races in your front yard.

Ambitious athletes can even work up to a goal, like training for parent/child triathlons together. It doesn't matter how you stay active -- just find something everyone is capable of doing, and enjoy it together. Doing so will improve everyone's quality of life, establish lifelong healthy habits and bring your family closer together.