Bird-Watching Projects for Kids

Bird Track Tracing Bird-Watching Project

Have you ever looked at the delicate tracks of your neighborhood birds? Check out this bird-watching project on bird tracks to learn how to recreate your own bird tracks.

What You'll Need:

  • Old cake pan or cookie sheet
  • Soft, wet mud or sand
  • Bird feeder
  • Bird seed
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Old bowl and spoon to mix plaster

Pick an area near a tree often inhabited by birds. Now fill an old cake pan or cookie sheet about halfway with soft, wet mud or very fine sand. Don't fill it too high. It should be wet enough to leave a good impression when you press a dime into the surface and then take the dime away.

Fill an ordinary bird feeder with bird seed, set the seed at the end of the pan, then scram. Come back in a few hours (or the next day) and see what tracks your feathered friends have made.

For extra fun, carefully fill the pan the rest of the way with plaster of Paris. Once the plaster dries, you'll have a perfect raised cast of your bird track experiment.

The daily life of a bird is filled with adventure. Find out how you can study the daily habits of birds on the next page.

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