How to Throw an Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

Arts and crafts at a birthday party? That's something to celebrate!
Arts and crafts at a birthday party? That's something to celebrate!

If your child enjoys sitting for hours at the kitchen table finger painting, coloring creative portraits with crayons or slicing up all of your magazines to design a collage, you have one passionate little artist on your hands! Instead of hosting a traditional birthday party with Pin the Tail on the Donkey, consider throwing an arts and crafts birthday party for your mini Picasso.

A perfect celebration can begin with artist-themed party invitations and end with blowing out the candles on a cake that resembles a colorful paint palette. As guests leave, give each one an inspiring goodie bag filled with paint brushes, small coloring books and stickers that will keep him or her crafting long after the party ends.

For the main event, plan a stimulating arts and crafts hour for your guests. If the kids are older, you might want to have the group paint terra cotta vases or ceramic figurines. Partygoers who are preschool age will love playing with modeling clay and cookie cutters. Popular arts and crafts ideas also include those that double as creative take-home party favors, like superhero masks, finger puppets and bookmarks.

Above all, remember to keep arts and crafts activities simple, and try to keep the guest list at a manageable size. Consider the ages of your guests when choosing a craft, and pick an activity that will engage kids and hold their attention for the duration of the party. Even though it's sometimes impossible to avoid a mess when children and art are combined, think long and hard about the supplies you're buying. If your craft relies on glitter, sequins and glue, you might be scraping up remnants of the event several months after it's over.

To get started planning your child's memorable arts and crafts birthday party, here are some ideas and supply lists to inspire you!