10 Ideas for a Unique Birthday Party

Is there a smile hiding behind that party hat?
Is there a smile hiding behind that party hat?
Jack Hollingsworth/Thinkstock

Your kid's birthday is coming up, and you're fresh out of savvy ideas. Sure, you could just invite over a bunch of children to run around in the backyard like every other parent does, but you want something cool and unique to make your little one feel special.

It's your lucky day! We're sharing some extremely fun, chic children's birthday party ideas that will make your kid's b-day bash legendary among his or her friends. We'll tell you what treats can bake up a one-of-a-kind celebration for your daughter and how Godzilla can play a destructive but welcome role in your son's birthday bash.

What do beach toys, a sandbox and your child's love of dinosaurs have to do with a birthday party? Find out on the next page.