How to Stencil Furniture

How to Stencil a Country Birdhouse Cabinet
Stencil a Country Birdhouse Cabinet.
Stencil a Country Birdhouse Cabinet.

Birdhouse lovers (and everyone else) will flock to this country birdhouse cabinet. Follow our steps below to create this charming stencil project.

Skill level: Advanced beginner

Time needed: Five hours

Stencil Design: Download the Country Birdhouse Cabinet Stencil Design as a PDF.


Step One: Begin by stenciling the leafy branches, referring to the photo to determine placement. Secure the stencil with tape, and swirl Garden Green on the leaves, varying the intensity of the color. Shade with Basic Black, and tint with a tiny bit of Dark Barn Red. Use Amber on the stems. Reposition until all the branches have been stenciled on the front and sides of the cabinet.

Step Two: Refer to the photo to determine placement of the birdhouses as well. Secure the large birdhouse stencil on the left door of the cabinet, and stencil with Dark Barn Red. Shade around the edges with Basic Black, and apply Basic Black to the roof and the circular opening.

Step Three: To make the post, place two pieces of low-adhesive tape about an inch apart directly under the black circle, extending from the birdhouse to the bottom of the cabinet. Stencil the post Amber, making the edges darker than the middle. Add some additional shading with Basic Black under the birdhouse and along the edges.

Secure the stencil with tape.

Step Four: Before you re-position the large birdhouse stencil "behind" the red house, use low-adhesive tape to mask off the top of the red birdhouse. Stencil the second house Navy Blue, and shade around the edges with Basic Black. Also stencil the opening Basic Black. Stencil the roof Amber. Let dry.

Shade around the edges of the house with black paint.

Step Five: Hold down the star stencil on the blue house, and erase the paint within the stars with the art gum eraser. Repeat until you're pleased with the star design. (Note: This technique works only with paint crème, not acrylics.)

Erase the paint within the stars with an art gum eraser.

Step Six: "Hang" the blue house from a branch by creating a stripe stencil. Tape two index cards 1/8-inch apart. Drag Basic Black over stripe.

Paint basic black over the stripe.

Step Seven: Tape the small birdhouse stencil to the right of the blue birdhouse, and stencil it Amber. Shade with Basic Black. Stencil the roof Navy Blue and the opening Basic Black. Repeat step six to create a "wire."

Step Eight: Stencil the next small house in the same manner, using Dark Barn Red and Basic Black.

Step Nine: Stencil the big birdhouse on the right Amber, and shade with Basic Black. Stencil the roof Navy Blue and the opening Basic Black. While the stencil is still in place, tape down the checkerboard stencil at the top of the birdhouse sides.

Stencil the checks Dark Barn Red, then reposition the stencil to paint the second and fourth rows of checks. Be sure the corners of the checks touch. Repeat the checkerboard at the bottom edge of the birdhouse, but stencil only three rows of checks here. Repeat Step Six to "hang" this birdhouse from the branch above it.

Step Ten: Cover the checkered hanging house with its dropout to protect it, and stencil a small house below it Navy Blue. Shade with Basic Black, and use Dark Barn Red for the roof and Basic Black for the opening. Repeat Step Six to "hang" this birdhouse from the checkered house.

Step Eleven: To stencil the wren, position the body overlay in the branches at the bottom right of the cabinet, mark the registration points, and stencil with Amber. Add shading with Basic Black. Position the second overlay, and stencil with Basic Black.

Step Twelve: Mist the entire surface with at least two coats of spray varnish. Let dry between coats. Then lightly load a brush with Amber and offload on a paper towel. Brush color lightly along the edges of the cabinet. Wipe away excess paint with a paper towel. Apply two more coats of spray varnish. Let dry.

Stencil Variations

Bring the outdoors in with your own engaging birdhouse variations. Add them to room dividers, sisal mats, or cupboards to brighten an all-season sun-room. Stretch your style and stencil checkerboards, leaves, and wrens wherever they are inclined to perch. Mix-and-match for color and style. Antique them to add an aged look. Get started with these stencil variations:

Stencil border variation
Stencil variation
Stencil border variation
Stencil border variation

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