Winter Stories

Will George the Groundhog See His Shadow?
George the groundhog awoke to the smell of mama cooking his favorite breakfast.
George the groundhog awoke to the smell of mama cooking his favorite breakfast.


George! Get up! Why don't you go outside and check the weather?" called Mama Groundhog to her son. George snuggled down further under his warm green blanket. He did not want to wake up.


Then George's nose began to twitch. He stuck it out from under his warm green blanket. He smelled the savory scent of his favorite breakfast. Mama was making grubs in sweet grass just for him. George hopped out of bed and toddled into the kitchen.

George gobbled his breakfast of grubs in sweet grass. Mama Groundhog kissed George and said, "Go outside and play with your friends, George. Let Grandfather know if you see your shadow while you play."


"M-my sh-shadow?" George said, a little scared. "Don't worry," Mama Groundhog said with a chuckle. "It just means the sun is shining on you." George crept slowly out of his house. He was still a little scared he might see his shadow.


He thought seeing a shadow might be something like having a bad dream. George blinked in the bright sunshine. How could he possibly see his shadow? He couldn't see anything at all!

"George! George! George!" chattered Sammie Squirrel. "We are all waiting for you to see your shadow!"

"You are?" George asked. He was afraid that he wouldn't know how to see his shadow. "Hi, George!" said Solomon Skunk.


George the Groundhog had lots of fun playing with his shadow.

"Good morning, George!" called Roberta Rabbit. When George waved at his friends he saw a movement on the ground. It was his shadow! "I see it! I see it!" George said, smiling. The shadow did everything George did. It waved when he waved. It walked when he walked.


All of his friends had shadows, too. George laughed. George, his friends, and their shadows all scampered off to play. They had a few more weeks of winter to enjoy!

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