Winter Stories

Teddy, It's Too Soon!
Instead of sleeping, Little Teddy Bear just wanted to run, jump, and play.
Instead of sleeping, Little Teddy Bear just wanted to run, jump, and play.

All was quiet at the Bear family house. Hnnnk, shhhs, hnnnk, shhhs. They were asleep for winter, snoring and dreaming in their beds as fluffy snow fell outside.

Little Teddy Bear stirred beneath his covers. He didn't want to sleep anymore. He wanted to play. "Wake up, Olivia," he said to his sister, tugging on her polka-dot pajamas. "Let's play together!"

Olivia yawned. "Teddy, it's too soon!" said Olivia, scratching her head. But Teddy couldn't sleep. And Olivia's messy hair looked so silly, he started to giggle.

"Try telling yourself a story," said Olivia, patting down the curls that were sticking out. "When I think about ballerinas, I have nice dreams." Teddy wanted to play, not dream. Maybe Mama would help. "Mama," whispered Teddy, "are you awake?"

Mama Bear jumped out of bed with a start. "Who? What? Why?" "I can't sleep, Mama," said Teddy. "Teddy, it's too soon to wake up!" Mama said. "I'll make some warm milk to help you fall asleep."

Mama Bear and Papa Bear did everything they could to help Little Teddy Bear fall asleep.

Teddy didn't want warm milk. And he didn't want to think about ballerinas, either. Just then, Papa Bear woke up. Hnnnk, snort! "What's all this noise?" he asked. Teddy told Papa he was wide awake.

"Maybe we can help you fall back to sleep, Teddy," Papa said. "A softer pillow might do the trick."

"An extra blanket might make Teddy feel warm and sleepy," Mama said. "Or hugging Cubby," Olivia said, squeezing a furry stuffed bear cub. "That always makes me feel cozy!"

They talked on and on about ways to help. "What do you think, Teddy?" they finally asked, looking around the room. Hnnnk, shhhs, hnnnk, shhhs. Teddy was already upstairs tucked snugly in his bed … snoring and dreaming and fast asleep.

Little Claudia and her bunny Buttons are stuck in bed with colds. Read the next story to find out how Claudia cares for Buttons, and how mom and dad care for them both!

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