Winter Stories

How to Build a Snowman with Your Sister

How do you make a snowman? Well, this is what you should do: first you get your winter hat, and your little sister's, too!

Next, you make a small snowball and start rolling it around -- roll and roll to pick up snow, roll it straight across the ground.

When your first ball is ready, check that your sister's is okay, too. It's clear from the very beginning, she'll need some help from you.

Now you've rolled three snowballs. You sure do have the knack. You are finally ready to start, building your snowman stack.

The biggest on the bottom, then medium, then small. Your sister may need a hand, unless she's very tall.

And even though you made a list of all the things you'll need, it isn't your little sister's fault that she's too young to read.


You'll have to go inside the house and find things on your own. Then you will be almost done when you hear your mother groan.


Although you were very careful not to track in any snow, judging from the soggy floor, your sister didn't know.


Little sister really didn't know, that her rubber boots would track so much snow

Now you have to mop it up, a chore you don't love best, while your little sister asks, "When will the snowman be dressed?"


Now you're finally ready. You even found a belt. But your little sister is crying as the snowman starts to melt!


Little sister cried and cried when her precious creation began to melt.

Since you are her big brother you know just what to say. "Let's go inside and get warmed up, we've had a busy day.


You'll help me again real soon, 'cause we make quite a team!" And as she reaches for your hand our sister's eyes just gleam.


Big brother promises little sister that they will build another snowman someday soon.

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