How to Make Musical Instruments for Kids

Shake it up with this pie pan tambourine!
Shake it up with this pie pan tambourine!
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Music ties together all of humanity, and learning how to make musical instruments gives kids a deeper understanding of music's power. Making musical instruments for kids is also a fun activity that parents and kids can do together!

Take that important first step toward musical bliss with the crafts and activities in this article. There are many types of musical instrument crafts to choose from, and you're sure to find something to spur your kids' musical instincts.


Cardboard Guitar Craft

Think you've got something on Jimmy Page, Slash, or Keith Richards? Emulate your favorite guitar hero with this fun cardboard guitar craft.

Musical Can Activity

Learn how to shake up some music with this musical can activity.

Fish Line Music Board Craft

Go fishing for some music with this fish line music board craft.

Glass Jar Music Activity

Take a little bit of water and some empty glass jars and you can easily create a tonal symphony.

Pie Pan Tambourine Craft

Learn how to make a tambourine from some old pie pans and shake out some beautiful music.

Musical Chimes Craft

Do you have a few spare nails and a wooden board? Try this musical chimes craft and get ready to make some "heavy metal" music.

Bottle Cap Clinkers Craft

Rattle and roll with this bottle cap clinkers craft. All you need are a few spare soda bottle caps!

Humming Instrument Craft

Hum along to all of your favorite songs in no time with this humming instrument craft.

Cardboard Washboard Craft

Get into the rhythm with this cardboard washboard craft. It's guaranteed to produce some swinging sounds.

Wood Tap Musical Craft

Bang out some authentic notes with this wood tap musical craft. All you need is a hammer and some wood blocks.

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