Puppet Crafts and Activities for Kids

Try your hand at Puppet Paradise.
Try your hand at Puppet Paradise.
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Puppet crafts and activities for kids engage the imagination and draw on kids' artistic talents. From gourds to socks, you can make puppets out of almost any item and create a whole paradise populated with puppets.

With our easy-to-follow directions, you will soon be designing a puppet stage and putting on a puppet performance. All these crafts require are a few supplies and plenty of imagination!

Follow the links below to get started on your puppet pals:

Puppet Pageant

Learn how to move your hands or fingers to make it look as if your puppet is talking, and then put on a show for your friends and family.

Puppet Stage

Even puppets love the limelight. Find out how to construct a puppet stage using a few simple items.

Gourd Puppets

In the fall or winter, make finger puppets or hand puppets using empty, dry gourds. Paint on their faces and dress them up in clothes!

Bag Puppets

These puppets are easy to make, using brown paper lunch bags. Find out how to make an old hound dog bag puppet.

Puppets With Legs

Do you want to put on a dance show with puppets? Learn to make puppets substituting your fingers for their legs, and watch your puppets dance.

Felt Finger Puppets

Ten fingers -- ten felt finger puppets! Design any puppet character you like using felt.

Puppet Paradise

You can make a puppet out of any object that captures your imagination. Check out some of these ideas to get you started.

Create as many puppets as you can to showcase in the Puppet Pageant activity found on the next page.

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