Theatre Activities for Kids


A pantomime theatre activity challenges your child to tell a story without words. This indoor activity will have kids bringing out their best facial expressions.

What You'll Need:

  • White mime makeup (optional)
  • Makeup
  • Clothing in all 1 color
  • Background music (optional)

How to Pantomime:

Step 1: Help your children write a very simple story, or choose a piece of instrumental music. Then have them use their imaginations to show the story without words.

Step 2: If you can get some, use classic white mime makeup. If not, use regular makeup to highlight the performer's eyes and mouth. Also, make sure to pull hair away from the face. This helps the audience see expressions better.

Step 3: Choose a color to be worn from head to toe so the emphasis will be on the story being mimed, not the costume. Once dressed, have your children act out the story using exaggerated facial expressions and body movements.

In the next theatre activity, you'll help your kids create a TV-like visual to tell this dramatic tale.

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