Social Awareness Activities for Kids

Write a Letter

Write a letter to someone who could use a bit of encouragement, and increase your social awareness at the same time. Writing to soldiers or to senior citizens can be a good way to start.

What You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pens or markers
  • Tape

Everyone loves getting mail -- especially soldiers far from home or senior citizens without families of their own. You can help cheer up these sometimes forgotten citizens by writing short, encouraging notes all your own.

Step 1: Remind the folks you write to that people care about them. Tell them to have a great day.

Step 2: Fold the letter into a rectangle and seal it with a piece of tape. Address it to "You" from "Me," but don't include your real name or address.

Step 3: Take your letters to your local senior citizens home or Red Cross office. They'll do the rest.

Letter-writing lets people know you care. On the next page, find out how to provide animals with some extra tender loving care.

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