Social Awareness Activities for Kids

Make colorful art for seniors.
Make colorful art for seniors.
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Social awareness activities for kids encourage kids to think about others to broaden their knowledge about the world. These activities include making colorful drawings for senior citizens, edible necklaces for the homeless, and much more.

Kids can get involved in so many activities and causes -- without a big investment of time or money. Learn about activities that help kids get more involved with the world around them.

Follow the links below to learn about social awareness activities.

Write a Letter

Write and send an encouraging letter to soldiers or area senior citizens.

Pop Can Cut-Ups

Get involved in animal rights -- this easy activity helps you make a difference, one six-pack of soda at a time.

Edible Necklaces

Use various colorful cereals and dried fruit to make edible necklaces.

Art for Seniors

Brighten senior citizens' days by making colorful pictures for them.

From helping the smallest animal to sending a note of encouragement to the bravest soldier, social awareness activities for kids broadens their perspective. Begin a journey into social awareness by writing a letter -- find out how on the next page.

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