Indoor Crafts for Kids

Make a treasure box for your own treasures.
Make a treasure box for your own treasures.
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Come inside -- it's time to create! These indoor crafts are simple projects you can use to make toys, games, gifts, and more.

Whether you want to make a plaything for your feline friend or put on a miniature puppet show, you'll find a great idea here. You can do indoor crafts when it's rainy or cold outside -- or when you just feel like making something cool.


Follow the links bellow to learn more about indoor crafts:

Jazzy Jigsaw Puzzle

Make the pieces and put together your own puzzle.

Plastic Spoon Puppets

You'll have spoonfuls of fun with plastic spoon puppets.

Achievement Award

Give a special friend some recognition for accomplishing so much.

Treasure Box

Make this box and store your treasures safe inside.

Pom-Pom Cat Toy

Your handiwork will amuse your favorite animal companion.

Simple Yut-nori

This Korean game is easy to make and fun to play.

Tin Can Luminaries

Illuminate a room with pinpoint patterns of light.

Magnetic Fridge Faces

You can be the star of your own refrigerator magnets!

Cone Creature Craft

An incredible cone creature can be as crazy and creative as you can conceive.

Creative Cards

This indoor craft gives a friendly, personal touch to your greeting cards.

Artful Book Cover

Keep your textbook clean and looking cool with an artful book cover.

Snazzy Scrapbook

Affix your memories to the pages of your own handmade scrapbook.

Dot Collage

The dots collide in this collage.

Stick-in Plant Decoration

Add a cheerful accent to a potted plant.

Keep reading to learn about a jigsaw puzzle you can make yourself.

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