Outdoor Games for Kids

Swing the Statues

Hold that pose, and you're a winner in Swing the Statues. Exercise your imagination! But play this easy outdoor game on grass or sand because it involves falling down.

What You'll Need:

  • Open playing area with soft surface
  • Three or more players

Step 1: One at a time, a player chosen as "It" takes each other player by the hand and swings him or her in a circle.

Step 2: When "It" lets go, the player stays frozen in whatever position he or she lands in.

Step 3: When all players have been swung and released, "It" becomes an art critic, walking among the statues and "critiquing" each one. The "statues" must stay frozen -- no smiling or laughing! A statue that fails to freeze is out. The ones who stay statuesque are the winners.

Step 4: Choose a new "It" for the next round.

A variation: After swinging all the statues, "It" chooses a category -- such as zoo animals, cartoons, kitchen tools, or famous people. Players must remain in their positions, but they may move any arm or leg they're not using to support their weight to try and resemble something in that category.

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