Mud Activities and Games for Kids

It's dirty, it's sticky, and it's all kinds of fun! It's mud, and one of the best things about it is that you'll never run out of it.

Kids love to get dirty anyway, so why not encourage them with mud activities and games? Find some old clothes for them to wear, hand them the garden hose, point them away from your flower beds, and watch them go mud-crazy!

Best of all, mud isn't just fun to make pies with -- though make no mistake, it's a lot of fun to make pies. Even in the messy world of soupy soil, there are fascinating lessons to learn about the natural world!

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Mud Pies

In no time at all, your kids' mud bakery will be thriving with this fun activity. Learn more on the next page.

Play With Clay

Teach your kids about one of humankind's oldest building materials, conveniently located just underground! Find out how to play with clay.

On the next page you'll learn to get your kids working in the dirtiest kitchen around. Keep reading to learn how to make mud pies.

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