Group Word Games for Kids

Story Time Twist is an imaginative word game for kids.
Story Time Twist is an imaginative word game for kids.
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Group Word Games for Kids are fun family activities that keep kids engaged and using their heads for hours. These group activities help kids improve language skills while they have a good time.

Learn how to turn the television into a learning tool, or play games that teach kids to turn words inside out. Either way, the whole family is sure to have fun while learning.


On the following pages, you'll learn Group Word Games for Kids that are great for parties or everyday fun.

Back Talk

Learn how to talk backwards and start to understand backwards speech in Back Talk.

Blankity Blanks

In Blankity Blanks word game, create stories with your family that surprise and entertain.

Story Time Twist

Get your family's creative juices flowing with this group word game for kids. Inspire each other to weave tall tales and have fun.

Backward & Opposites

This timed group word game challenges both kids and parents. See how quickly you can decode backward and opposite words.

Creative Crossword

Find out how to make a Creative Crossword puzzle with your kids, and then have fun solving it.

Rhyme Time

Test your kid's rhyming skills with this competitive group word game. Have fun coming up with rhyming words and playing with sounds during Rhyme Time.

Book Page Bingo

Once you teach your kids Book Page Bingo, they'll be excited to hit the books.

Channel Changer's Word Search

Make watching television a learning experience with the challenging Channel Changer's Word Search for kids.

Back Talk teaches kids how to speak backwards and to understand backwards speech. Learn how to play Back Talk on the next page.

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