Word Crafts for Kids

This braille note craft is fun and easy to do.
This braille note craft is fun and easy to do.
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Children who already have a solid understanding of language and enjoy writing and playing with words will enjoy these word crafts for kids. Language can be a powerful instrument in the hands of someone that recognizes its possibilities.

These indoor crafts are ideal for children that love language and cover the spectrum from word games to easy crafts. If you happen to be stuck inside on a rainy day or want to have some word fun with friends and family -- why not give these word crafts a try!

Basket of Paper Flowers Craft

Make somebody feel great today. Try this basket of paper flowers craft and tell your closest friends and family that you care.

Word-Search Puzzle

Do you enjoy words and puzzles? Combine your love of both with this fun and exciting word-search puzzle!

Braille Note Craft

Express your thoughts and feelings with this braille note craft, and let your friends touch your words as well as read them.

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