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Science Projects for Kids: Measuring

Measure and Estimate with Paper Clips

You may not realize it, but you can measure and estimate with paper clips. Try this science project for kids, and you'll see how common objects can be measured with an uncommon measuring tool -- a box of paper clips!

What You'll Need:

  • Paper clips
  • Pencil
  • Paper

Step 1: Look around your room, and make a list of several objects that are long, short, wide, and narrow.


Step 2: Guess how many paper clips long each object might be. For example, how many paper clips long is a pencil? A shoe? What about your desk? Or your bedroom wall?

Step 3: Write down the name of each object and your estimation.

Step 4: Then measure! Line paper clips up end to end next to the object, or connect the paper clips to make a measuring chain.

Step 5: Write the number measured next to your estimate.

Step 6: After you have measured all the objects on your list, compare your findings to your estimates. Did you estimate high? Low?

Step 7: Use your discoveries to make new estimates for different objects, and test again.

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