Science Projects for Kids: Measuring

Estimate a hill's height using a level.
Estimate a hill's height using a level.
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How tall is that? How wide? Experiments on science projects for kids: measuring show that you don't have to be tall as a tree or have a really long tape measure to estimate considerable heights and distances. With estimating tricks, a surveying tool and some simple objects, kids can become measuring experts.

Follow the links below to find science projects on measuring that you can do with kids:

How Tall Is That Tree?

Use a yardstick to measure the height of a tree.

How High Is That Hill?

Make a simple surveying tool, and estimate the height of a hill.

Find Your Latitude

Measure your latitude by the North Star.

Measure and Estimate with Paper Clips

Use an uncommon tool to size common objects.

You can measure the height of a tree with just a yardstick and a friend. Learn how on the next page.

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