Science Projects for Kids: Current Electricity

Try Sticky Balloon activity!
Try Sticky Balloon activity!
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In Science Projects for Kids: Current Electricity, you can discover answers to all kinds of questions about how positive and negative charges work.

For instance, did you ever rub a balloon up against your hair? What caused your hair to stick out in the air? Why does water, flowing down from a faucet, spray out in all directions when you place a comb under it? What causes a light bulb to illumine?

Satisfy your curiosity with Science Projects for Kids. Learn to think like a scientist while you're having fun discovering how things work. Click to the next page or on the links below to begin your exciting exploration into the world of electricity.

Sticky Balloon

Learn why opposites attract when you get a charge out of a sticky balloon.

Trickle Down Activity

Learn why water flowing down from a faucet sprays out in all directions when you place a comb under it.

Bloody Current

Discover how to turn neutral water into an electric generator with this fun and exciting experiment.­

­Click to the next page to learn more about why your hair sticks out in the air when you rub it with a Sticky Balloon

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