Science Projects for Kids: The Moon

Use binoculars to study the moon.
Use binoculars to study the moon.
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Earth's natural satellite is waiting to be discovered in these science projects for kids: the moon. With just a few simple materials, kids can learn more about the phases of the moon, how the moon moves, and what it looks like. They can even write an imaginative story about what they see instead of the man in the moon.

Follow the links below to find science projects for kids: the moon that you can do with kids:

The Toad in the Moon

Make up your own story of who -- or what -- is in the moon.

Phases of the Moon

Become the Earth in this active model showing how the moon moves.

Explore the Moon with Binoculars

"Travel" to the moon and explore its features.

Moon Models

Make models with two friends to understand the phases of the moon.

Do you see the man in the moon -- or the toad? Or the girl? Go to the next page to learn how you can write your own account.

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