Science Projects for Kids: Magnets and Metal

How magnetic is your cereal?
How magnetic is your cereal?
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Don't be surprised if you find yourself attracted to these science projects for kids on magnets and metal. What is more mysterious and somewhat magical than the pull of a magnet or the gentle turn of a compass as it rights itself north and south? Try these projects with your kids, and you can share the magic -- and all learn a little more about how magnetism works.

Follow the links below for magnetizing science projects you can do with kids:

Magnetized Paper Clip Chain

Discover how paper clips can click as a chain.

Magnetic Minerals

Find out if the iron in your breakfast cereal is magnetic.

Find Earth's Poles

Make this compass, and you'll know which direction you're going.

Choose a Compass to Make

Learn to make a floating compass or a Chinese hanging compass.

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