Science Projects for Kids: Magnets and Metal

Magnetic Minerals

See if you have magnetic minerals in your cereal.
See if you have magnetic minerals in your cereal.
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Are there magnetic minerals in your cereal? With a little help from this science project for kids, you can perform breakfast table magic. The iron that your body needs to make healthy blood is the same iron found in the Earth. If the cereal you eat for breakfast is high in iron, it should be attracted to a magnet. Try this project, and see if it is.

What You'll Need:

  • Cereal
  • Plastic bag
  • Rolling pin
  • Strong magnet

Step 1: Put some cereal in a plastic bag, and close it.

Step 2: Use a rolling pin to crush the cereal into powder.

Step 3: Touch the magnet to the powder. Does the cereal cling to the magnet?

You can find the Earth's poles by using a magnet that you make. Learn how on the next page.

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