Science Projects for Kids: Density and Volume

Try the Full to the Rim project.
Try the Full to the Rim project.
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Science Projects for Kids: Density and Volume teaches kids about density, or how compact a substance is, and volume, or how much space a substance occupies. Science is not just for scientists -- it's for everyone who's interested in the world around them and what makes things tick.

Did you ever wonder why some small objects weigh more than larger objects? Knowing how to measure the mass of an object in relation to its volume is an important skill.

You can learn a great deal about your world by observing and performing experiments right in your own backyard or kitchen. It's fun, easy and exciting to discover the answers.

Full to the Rim

Learn the true meaning of "over the top" with some pennies and a jar of water.

A Gallon a Day

See if you can conserve enough water to get by on a gallon ­a day.

­Washed Away

Learn about the forces behind erosion and what causes it in this interesting experiment.­

Undoing Pollution

Learn how difficult it is to reverse the effects of pollution with this enlightening activity.­

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