Science Projects for Kids: Air Pressure

An air pressure project can be a blast.
An air pressure project can be a blast.
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There's air all around you -- but how much do you really know about it? Learn more with science projects for kids: air pressure.

When you think of air, you might think of emptiness, but air is actually exerting a force -- or pushing -- on everything, all the time.

This invisible force is called air pressure, and you can demonstrate it with a simple science projects for kids.

Follow the links below to learn how to perform your own science projects for kids involving air pressure:

Book Blast Experiment

Your books will blast off from the force of your breath. Learn more here.

Indoor Tornado Experiment

Capture a tornado in a bottle with this science project.

Unspillable Water Experiment

Turn this glass upside down, and the water stays put! Find out why.

Caved-in Can Experiment

Call on an invisible force to crush a can with this project.

Keep reading for a science project that will show you the power of a little compressed air.

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