Science Projects for Kids: States of Matter

Change liquid to solid with sugar crystals.
Change liquid to solid with sugar crystals.
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Trying to comprehend the science of matter may seem complicated, but Science Projects for Kids: States of Matter makes understanding it easy and interesting. Explore transitions between solid and liquid by making ice pops and rock candy.

See what happens to soda pop gas in a balloon, and make a cloud in a bottle. Learn about the concept of surface tension by blowing soap bubbles, stretching the surface of water, and cutting and connecting water drops.

You'll be surprised at how much you can learn about states of matter with these simple experiments. Gather a few materials from around the house, round up the kids, and have some science fun.

Follow the links below to get started with science projects for kids that explain the states of matter:

Solid to Liquid to Solid

One of the easiest ways to understand how states of matter change is to make yummy ice pops.

Sugar Crystals on a String

Enjoy the sweet rewards of this evaporation test.

Homemade Water Purifier

Create a very simple water purification system.

Soda Pop in a Balloon

Before drinking that soda, see what happens when the gas leaves the bottle.

Cloud in a Bottle

Create your very own piece of the sky with this project.

Soap Bubble Shapes

Have fun blowing bubbles while learning about surface tension.

Water Surface Stretch

See how far you can stretch the surface of water.

Cut and Connect Water Drops

Try your luck at splicing and reconnecting water.

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