Science Projects for Kids: Crystals and Minerals

Create some creeping crystals.
Create some creeping crystals.
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Animal, vegetable, or mineral? The answer is simple if you're starting science projects for kids: crystals and minerals -- crystals and minerals make a great subject.

Whether you want to watch the multiplying patterns of a growing crystal, or test and compare the properties of minerals, you'll find inspiration in these science projects for kids: crystals and minerals.

Follow the links below to learn how to conduct your own crystal and mineral science projects:

Mineral Testing Kit

Assemble the tools and perform the tests -- soon you'll know what kind of rock it is.

Sweet Crystal Science Project

Here's a science project with results that are good enough to eat! Sound good? Keep reading to learn more.

Creeping Crystals Science Project

Grow groups of crystals with this creative science project.

Keep reading to learn how to test the properties of minerals with simple household items next in science projects for kids: crystals and minerals.

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