Science Projects for Kids: Chemical Reactions

Find out the missing ingredient needed to mix oil and vinegar with an emulsion experiment.
Find out the missing ingredient needed to mix oil and vinegar with an emulsion experiment.
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With these science projects for kids: chemical reactions, your children can learn that, simply put, chemical reactions happen when one substance is turned into another. Whether the color changes, the shape, the flexibility, or even an explosion occurs, these are all types of chemical reactions.

The best part is that there's a project here for everyone. If your kids are interested in creating a bubbly mess, there's a project here for that. If your children enjoy leaving others in wonderment as to how they bent chicken bones, you can find it here. Or if they simply enjoy watching colors change before their eyes, they can do that, too. There are plenty of science projects for kids that involve chemical reactions.­

Keep reading to learn how to make science projects for kids: chemical reactions.

Foam Cup Meltdown

Help your kids melt a foam witch into a jar of acetate and sculpt be-witching masterpieces with the sticky goo.

Chemical Poppers

Your children can find out what happens when baking soda and vinegar are placed in a plastic film container.

Acid Test

By simply pouring vinegar on rocks, your kids can find out if the rocks contain calcium carbonate.

Pee Pals

Have your children gross out their friends while discovering that carbon dioxide gas can make heavy objects float.

The Battle of Liver and Potato

Find out if a piece of liver or a potato produces more bubbles when placed in hydrogen peroxide.

Foam Machine

Help your children create a bubbly concoction when they add vinegar, baking soda, and powdered laundry detergent.

Bleeding Red Cabbage

After boiling the cabbage, your kids can experiment on ways to turn the cabbage red and then green.

Deconstruct Black Ink

Your children can discover through chromatography (separating chemicals' components) that black ink doesn't just contain one color.

Rust Resistant

Have your kids find out what happens when oxygen and water are added to steel wool.

When Good Juice Goes Bad

Before an audience, your kids can magically transform red grape juice into green juice.

Emulsion Experiment

Your kids can discover what ingredient is needed to help oil and vinegar stay mixed together.

Knotted Bones

Watch your kids amaze their friends with rubbery chicken bones they can tie in a knot.

Erupting Volcano

Your children can construct their own volcano made from simple household items.

Keep reading to learn how kids can melt a witch in acetone, and then mold the sticky remains.

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