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Turkey Crafts

Tiny Turkey Pillows

Place these tiny turkey pillows on the couch during the Thanksgiving holiday for a soft, turkey touch.

What You'll Need:

Old knit glove


Cotton balls



Craft feathers

Yellow and red felt


2 wiggle eyes

Fabric paint

These soft little pillows are just the thing to brighten up the furniture during the Thanksgiving season.

To make your turkey pillow, stuff an old knit glove with cotton balls until it is entirely full. Turn the bottom edges inside, and glue them together. Hold the edges shut with clothespins until the glue dries.

Glue colorful craft feathers between and around the fingers of the glove. Cut a beak from yellow felt and a wattle (the turkey's red throat) from red felt. Glue them on the side of the thumb.

Decorate your bird by gluing on wiggle eyes. You can also paint details on the turkey's body with fabric paint. You might want to paint a name on your turkey. How about Tillie? Terwilliger? Thomasina?

You'll need something to keep everybody entertained after Thanksgiving dinner. On the next page you'll learn about a fun Thanksgiving game.

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