Turkey Crafts

Turkey Costume

Make a turkey costume.
Make a turkey costume.

Entertain the Thanksgiving crowd at your house by turning into a giant turkey with this turkey costume.

What You'll Need:






Tissue paper


Craft feathers



There will be two turkeys in the house this Thanksgiving: one on the dinner table and one dancing through the house. Turn yourself into a festive holiday turkey.

Make a turkey head by painting a cardboard box (large enough to fit your head inside) red. Cut out holes for the eyes.

Tear off yellow, orange, and red tissue paper feathers, and glue them all over the front of the box, leaving the eye holes free.

Cut a triangle-shaped beak from cardboard, paint it yellow, and glue it underneath the eyes on the front of the box. You can also cut the wattle from cardboard, paint it red, and attach it to the bottom front of the box.

Glue craft feathers onto an old red T-shirt, and put on some red tights to complete the costume. Now, practice your gobble and start talking turkey.

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