May Day Crafts

May Day Flower Cone

May Day Flower Cone May Day Craft
May Day Flower Cone May Day Craft

May Day crafts are fun to make, but this one is also fun to give away. These flower cones are traditionally left as a surprise on someone's door as a springtime greeting. Here's how to make your own May Day Flower Cone for that special someone.

What You'll Need:

Decorated paper


Hole punch


Paper towel

Plastic bag

Fresh flowers

Roll a piece of pretty paper into a cone shape, and glue the edges together to seal it. When the glue has dried, punch two holes on opposite sides of the cone.

Tie the ends of a piece of ribbon through each of the holes to make a handle. Gather some fresh flowers. Put a wet paper towel around the flower stems and cover the towel with a plastic bag.

Tie ribbon around the plastic bag to seal it, and set the flowers inside the decorative cone. Hang the cone on a family member's bedroom doorknob or on the front door of a neighborhood friend.

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