May Day Crafts

May Day Hoops

Hoop it up with a traditional May Day hoop.
Hoop it up with a traditional May Day hoop.

In the past, children used to celebrate May Day by having hoop races -- now you can, too. Read on to learn how to make May Day hoops, and then invite your friends and family over to join the races.

What You'll Need:

Plastic hoop (hula hoop)


Small bells

12-inch wooden dowel

Use a plastic hoop and decorate it the way children did hundreds of years ago.

Cut 6-inch lengths of thin ribbon. Tie as many ribbons as you can to the hoop, all the way around. Make sure the knots are on the inside of the hoop so they won't get in the way when the hoop rolls.

Tie a tiny bell to the end of every third or fourth ribbon.

Practice rolling your May Day hoop by touching it with the dowel. How fast can you go? Invite your friends to a race!

May Day is a special holiday to honor the return of spring. On the next page, find out how to construct and play the popular English May Day game Nine Men's Morris -- and then invite friends and family over for some fun.

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