May Day Crafts

Robin Hood Hats

Make creative Robin Hood hats from paper plates.
Make creative Robin Hood hats from paper plates.

May Day crafts are fun for kids to create, and these easy-to-make Robin Hood hats set them off on a game of make-believe in the back yard.

What You'll Need:

Measuring tape



Green felt



Green thread


Small safety pin

Using the measuring tape, measure around your head and add one inch. On a piece of paper, draw a line half as long as your measurement.

From the middle of your line, measure up nine inches, and make a dot. Draw a semicircle (half circle) from the end of the line, through the top dot, to the end of the other side of the line. This half circle is your hat pattern.

Stack two pieces of green felt, and pin your pattern to them. Cut along the pattern. Stitch or staple 1/2-inch in from the edge -- only along the half circle.

Turn up a one-inch brim. Pin a feather to the side of your Robin Hood hat. Gather all your merry friends, and head for Sherwood Forest.

May Day is a special holiday to honor the return of spring. Explore the next page to learn how to create and organize hoop races for your May Day celebration.

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