May Day Crafts

Nine Men&#39s Morris

Nine Men's Morris is a game of skill.
Nine Men's Morris is a game of skill.

Nine Men's Morris was one of the most popular May Day games in England. Now you can learn how to make and play this fun game.

What You'll Need:

Large cardboard square


9 black stones

9 white stones


Copy the Morris board (as seen in the illustration) onto a piece of cardboard.

Each player starts with nine stones of one color. Flip a coin to see who moves first. Take turns putting the stones on the dots on the Morris board one at a time. You can put a stone on any vacant dot.

The goal is to make a "mill" -- three of your stones together on any line. Each time you make a mill you get to take one of your opponent's pieces. If your opponent forms a mill, they get to take one of yours.

Pieces in a mill are safe -- they can't be taken. When all the stones have been placed on the board, the goal is to create new mills by taking turns moving the stones.

A stone can be moved one space along any line, but there can't be a stone already sitting on the dot you move to.

The game ends when one player has just two pieces left or when one player is unable to move.

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