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May Day Crafts

May ''Day-sy'' Frame

This lovely flowered frame needs one more thing -- a picture of YOU.
This lovely flowered frame needs one more thing -- a picture of YOU.

A fun May Day craft for kids to do is to make May "Day-sy" frames. (Adult help is needed for this craft.) Here's how to make a May "Day-sy" frame.

What You'll Need:

Wood frame


3 yards lightweight ribbon, 1/2-inch wide

Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks


Pink and white silk daisies


Heavy-duty clear packing tape (optional)

Take apart the wood frame, and set aside the frame backing and the glass. Glue one end of the ribbon to the top middle of the back side of the frame.

Wrap the ribbon around the frame, overlapping the ribbon edges to hide the wood. Pull the ribbon taut, but make sure there is enough give so that the frame backing will still fit in the frame.

When the frame is completely covered, cut the ribbon and glue the end to the back of the frame.

Lay the frame right side up on a flat surface. Position the daisies as desired on the front of the frame. Once you're happy with the design, glue the flowers in place.

Press the glass back into place, position the photo inside, and fit the frame backing into place. If the backing no longer fits, use heavy-duty clear packing tape to secure the backing to the frame.

May Day flower cones are traditionally left as a surprise on a neighbor's door as a springtime greeting. On the next page, learn how to make one of these special surprise gifts.

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