May Day Crafts

May Day Colorful Lei

This is a colorful necklace inspired by Hawaii.
This is a colorful necklace inspired by Hawaii.

Many people around the world create floral May Day crafts to celebrate the holiday. In Hawaii, people celebrate May Day by exchanging floral leis.

What You'll Need:



Construction paper


Hole punch

Pony beads or any large beads

Tape (optional)

Cut a length of yarn to hang loosely around your neck (make sure you cut it a little longer than you want it so you have room to tie the ends of the yarn together).

Cut colorful flower shapes out of construction paper. (If you want flowers that will stand up to a little more wear and tear, make them out of craft foam; use tissue paper for more delicate flowers.) Punch a hole in the center of each flower.

To put your lei together, tie a knot at one end of the piece of yarn. String 6 to 10 beads onto the yarn (this will be the part of the lei that touches the back of your neck).

Then alternate flowers and beads however you want. If you have a hard time stringing the beads onto the yarn, wrap a small piece of tape around the end of the yarn to stiffen it.

Once you get the design you want and the yarn is almost full of flowers and beads, end just as you started, with 6 to 10 beads. Tie the end in a knot. Then tie the two ends of the yarn together, and wear your lei with pride.

Continue on to the next page to learn how to create and decorate a May "Day-sy" frame. It makes a great gift.

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