How to Make Beaded Hair Accessories

So Faux Hair Wrap
This so faux hair accessory looks great with just about any hairstyle.
This so faux hair accessory looks great with just about any hairstyle.

By now you know how to make a variety of beaded hair accessories. On this page, you'll learn how to create a so faux hair wrap accessory and hairdo in one!

What You'll Need:

Bobby pin

15-inch piece rayon/polyester cord (color to match your hair)

Embroidery floss

4mm rocaille beads

8mm faceted beads

Small gold-tone charms

Clear tape

Craft glue


Step 1: Secure the bottom (flat) side of the bobby pin to the edge of a secure, flat surface with clear tape.

Step 2: Thread the cord through the end of the bobby pin. Fold about 1-1/2 inches over, and bind together with a piece of clear tape.

Step 3: Use a tiny piece of scotch tape to secure the end of a piece of embroidery floss to the top of the cord, and begin wrapping the

embroidery floss around the cord, starting as close to the bobby pin as you can. As you wrap, be sure to cover the tape completely.

Step 4: To change colors, make a half-hitch knot in the floss, and pull floss tight. Cut the floss, leaving about a 1-inch tail. Start a new color by taping the end of the floss to the cord and wrapping the new floss around the cord, being sure to cover the tape and the tail of the previous color.

Step 5: To make an extension, cut 4 to 6 inches of floss. Stiffen the ends by smoothing on a bit of glue and letting them dry. Thread on the beads, and end with a charm. Thread 1 end of the floss back up through the beads, and trim the floss ends to 1 inch.

Step 6: Attach the extension to the center cord with a small piece of tape, then continue wrapping with the main floss, letting the bead extension dangle to one side.

Step 7: Continue wrapping floss and adding bead extensions until the wrap is the length you want. Knot the final piece of floss, then trim the floss and the cord, leaving about 1-1/2 inches of cord. Unravel and fluff the cord so it looks like hair.

How to create your So Faux Hair Wrap hairdo:

What You'll Need:


Curling iron

Foam or volumizing lotion


Step 1: On damp hair, use a foam or volumizing lotion to give the hair body. Then dry your hair.

Step 2: Take a small section of hair, twist it from the scalp out to the ends. Make the twisted sections different sizes to vary the size of the dreads.

Use this technique to create twists for your so faux hair accessory.

Step 3: Use hair spray along the length of the twist to hold the dread. Use a large curling iron to seal the sprayed hair. Run the heated barrel of the opened iron along all sides of the twist. If you want a straight dread, skip to step 5.

Step 4: Roll the twisted strand around the barrel of the curling iron. This will give a slight wave to the dread. Put a comb near your scalp to protect it from the heat.

You can let the faux wrap dangle from your hair.

Step 5: Place the faux hair wrap in your hair.

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