How to Make Beaded Hair Accessories

It's a Wrap

This beaded hair accessory looks as if it's floating on hair!
This beaded hair accessory looks as if it's floating on hair!

It's hip, it's happening -- it's a wrap! You'll work with lots of colorful beads as we teach you how to make this beautiful beaded hair accessory. It's easy to do, and it looks great for days and days!

What You'll Need:

3 colors embroidery floss

Assorted beads with large holes

6 inches flexible bead wire

Step 1: Prepare your hair by gently toweling it dry and combing it out using a large-toothed comb. Work a texturizing lotion or foam through your hair to define the curl pattern. Let your hair dry naturally or use a diffuser attachment with your blow-dryer.

Step 2: Apply shine drops to your hair to protect it and add shine. Work the shine drops through your hair.

Step 3: The floss length you should use is double your hair length. Pick up a small section of hair, approximately the size of a penny, to begin the wrapping process. You can place the hair wrap wherever you want on your head.

Step 4: Place 3 inches of floss along the hair that will be wrapped. Clip the long length of floss to the other side of your head. Do a 3-strand braid with the hair, joining a different color of floss with each hair strand.

Step 5: Braid as far as you need to attach all the floss. (Note: If you want your hair to stay wrapped for a long time, use a bonding solution, available at beauty supply stores.)

Step 6: Unclip the longer length of floss, and bring it next to the hair section to be wrapped.

Step 7: Pick the color of floss you want to begin with. With your finger and this floss, make a loop. Bring the tail of the floss over the hair strand, then under and through the loop.

Step 8: Pull up to tighten. Repeat this step until you've gone a third of the way down the hair strand. This is the same pattern you will use to create the wrap throughout.

Step 9: To add beads, make a U shape out of the bead wire, and place it around the hair. Slide the beads onto both wires, and pull the hair (and floss) through the beads. Move the beads below the wrapped hair.

Step 10: Double-knot the floss to hold the beads in place. When you are ready to change colors, pick up another color of floss and begin wrapping with it. We changed floss color after we put on beads. Continue wrapping and adding beads until you are almost at the bottom of your hair strand.

Step 11: When you have finished the wrap, double-knot the floss to hold the wrap and the beads in place. Trim the ends of the floss to match the ends of your hair length. Or, if you'd prefer, trim the ends of the floss at the knot.

In the next and final section of this article, test your newfound wrapping skills as we teach you how to make a dazzling so faux hair wrap!

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