Your kid is getting married, and regardless if you're the father of the bride or groom, you're probably as anxious about the event as the ones getting hitched! Even though you're not there to say "I do," you're one of the most important members of the wedding party. Your attire should distinguish you as such -- even if your duties have you relegated to sitting in a pew.

Don't tie yourself in knots over whether to don a sport coat or a bow tie to your kid's big day. We'll set you straight on such matters as tux versus suit. We know what cuts and colors are appropriate for a wedding, and we'll even explain how to dress down for outdoor ceremonies. And, we have a few hints to help you maintain a sense of individuality when you're part of an identically dressed wedding party. After we prep you, your son or daughter will be relieved that your wedding day attire is one less thing to worry about!

First up, find out why it's not chic to wear a black suit to a summer wedding.