Ways to Keep Guests Entertained Until Your Reception Send-off
wedding guests

If you want guests to stick around until the send-off, keep them entertained!

Michael Blann/Thinkstock

It's an unfortunate situation that I've seen happen at too many perfectly good wedding receptions. The hosts shell out a ton of money on music, food and flowers, only to have the guests eat and run well before the party is over. This might not seem like much of a catastrophe until you realize that only a handful of people remain to toss rice at the happy couple.

There's often a lot of lag time between key events at a wedding reception, so guests who tire easily, don't enjoy dancing or don't know many other people there get bored and leave.

Fortunately for party animal brides, it's absolutely possible to keep your reception hopping until the last dance is over. All you need is a little bit of planning expertise and some creative ideas. Extra room in your budget doesn't hurt, either. Keep reading for some helpful pointers on reception entertainment that'll make your event legendary for years to come.